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May 2016

Topic Overview:

  • Juggling Family Wealth Management Is No Trick
  • Disclosure of Foreign Accounts: 4 Facts About FATCA
  • Don’t Forget Depreciation Breaks for Your Company’s Real Property
  • Need a Do-over? Amend Your Tax Return

April 2016

Topic Overview:

  • Go, Save Green With Sustainable Tax Breaks
  • Training Day: Reimbursing Employees’ Education Expenses
  • Could Your Debt Relief Turn Into A Tax Defeat?
  • Tax Calendar
  • A Product/Services Remix Could Get Your Sales Moving

March 2016

Topic Overview:

  • Walk the Path to Tax Savings For 2015
  • 5 Things to Know About Substantiationg Donations
  • Why You Might Want to Not Claim Your Child as a Dependent
  • Run a Business “On The Side”? Make Sure It’s No Hobby

February 2016

Topic Overview:

  • Good Eats, Tax Breaks: Deducting Employee Meal Costs
  • Reacquainting Yourself With The Roth IRA
  • Why Flip Real Estate When You Can Exchange It?
  • Married Filers, The Choice is Yours

January 2016

Topic Overview:

  • How You Can Help Prevent Tax-Related Identity Theft
  • Road Rules: Deducting Business Travel Expenses
  • Hoping to Grow Your Business?
  • Tax Calendar
  • Consolidate Accounts and Simplify Your Financial Life

December 2015

Topic Overview:

  • What You Should Know About Capital Gains and Losses
  • Providing Tax-free Fringe Benefits to Employees
  • Education Planning – It’s Best to Start Early
  • Seniors Age 70 1/2 Take Your Required Retirement Distributions Before Year-End

November 2015

Topic Overview:

  • Why Your Health Insurance Company May Ask For Your Social Security Number
  • Sorting Out Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions That Apply to Your Business
  • How Working Impacts Social Security Benefits
  • Tax Advantages of Small Business Stock
  • Tips on the Tax Effects of Divorce or Separation
  • Job Search Expenses May Be Deductible

October 2015

Topic Overview:

  • Time to Start Year-End Tax Planning
  • Tax Calendar
  • Shared Equity Financing Arrangements for Home Ownership
  • Due Date Changes for Partnership and C Corporation Returns

September 2015

Topic Overview:

  • Boosting Retirement Savings with a One-Person 401(k) Plan
  • Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages in All States
  • Maximizing FDIC Insurance Coverage of Bank Deposits
  • Planning to Avoid or Minimize the 3.8% Net Investment Income

August 2015

Topic Overview:

  • The Importance of Updating Beneficiary Designations
  • Selecting the Appropriate Entity for Your Business
  • Tips for Deducting Losses from a Disaster
  • The Many Benefits of a Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Double Duty Giving with Charitable Gift Annuities

July 2015

Topic Overview:

  • Summer Time is a Good Time to Start Planning and Organizing Your Taxes
  • Combined Business and Vacation Travel
  • Avoiding an Inadvertent Termination of S Corporation Status
  • Rollovers from Qualified Plans to IRAs

June 2015

Topic Overview:

  • Tax Rules for Gamblers
  • Tax Tips for Farmers
  • What You Should Do with an Identity Verification Letter From the IRS
  • Donating a Life Insurance Policy to Charity
  • 2015 HSA Amounts

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